Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One and a Half - Abby

Abby! You are a smiley little sweetheart! My favorite thing is coming home from work in the morning and having you run out giggling and wanting in my arms!  Daddy says you can hear the car from the bottom of the hill and start getting excited to see me.  You continue to try and imitate all the things you see us doing and want to help with dishes, laundry, sweeping, wiping the counters.  Your new favorite thing is sitting at the breakfast bar on the stool like a big girl.  You do not want to sit in your high chair!  It is a bit sketchy, but you have not yet fallen badly, you just get into trouble for climbing up on to the counter and grabbing things that you should not.
Words you use regularly -
Buk (buckle), Milk, side (outside), Mama, Dada, Aum (autumn)

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